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Our approach

• First, get to know you and understand your business

• Client-centric, business-friendly attitude

• Pragmatic, tailored advice

• Availability, responsiveness

• Out-of-the-box, creative solutions

• Transparent, reasonable approach to fees

• Experienced lawyers only


Tel.: (+352)  28 80 90

Fax: (+352) 28 80 90 05

24, rue Jean l’Aveugle L-1148 Luxembourg

Our offer

• Local IP & IT law advice

• Quality relationship with local regulators

• A strong network of reputable Luxembourg
  lawyers and experts in virtually any field

• An efficient global network of respected
  IP & IT lawyers and best friend firms



IT, regulatory

& data protection expert

• Contractual & Regulatory IT

• Data protection & Privacy

• Outsourcing

• Financial sector IT regulations

• E-commerce, internet, digital trust

• Cybercrime

20y+ experience. Cyril is a former IT professional, 13y with a Magic Circle firm
(head of Luxembourg IT law practice & global data protection practice),

lectures IT & data protection law at the University of Luxembourg since 2006

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Claire LEONELLI, Partner

IP/IT expert & litigator

• Intellectual property (trademark, copyright, design, software, domain name, database)

• Contractual IT

• E-commerce & internet

• IP & IT litigation

• Trade practices, Consumer law, Advertising & Unfair competition

• Distribution, Franchising & Competition law

• Data protection & Privacy

• Health law, Lifescience & Pharma regulatory

18y+ experience, registered with the Luxembourg Bar,
a former partner (IP, IT & Media) of a reputable Luxembourg mid size firm. Claire lectures IP and IT law at the University of Luxembourg. She is a member of the Immaterial Law Commission of Luxembourg Bar.

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Claire Leonelli lawyer IP IT Data Intellectual Property Propriété intellectuelle Luxembourg

Elisabeth GUISSART, Partner

Intellectual property

expert & litigator

• Intellectual property

• IP & IT litigation

• Trade practices, advertising & unfair competition

• Commercial litigation

• E-commerce & internet

• Franchising & distribution

• Data protection & privacy 

• Cybercrime

• Lifescience and pharma regulatory

15y+ experience. Former senior-associate of a Magic Circle firm (6y) and litigator with a local highly reputable law firm (2y+).

Elisabeth used to lectures IP/IT, contract law and data protection at the University of Luxembourg. Member of the editor committee of PINCODE (Luxembourg correspondant), IP/IT/GDPR law journal.  Co-chief editor of Jurisnews ‘Droit de la propriété intellectuelle’, IP/IT/GDPR law journal.

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Katia MANHAEVE*, Partner

Expert in intellectual property and related fields

• Intellectual property (trademarks, domain names, copyright, patents, software, designs, database issues)

• Distribution, franchising and commercial agreements

• Trade practices, advertising, media, consumer protection

• E-commerce & internet

• Data protection & privacy 

• Life sciences and pharma

• Product compliance and liability

Katia is a recognized and versatile leading expert in IP and related fields with 25+ years prior experience as partner and head of practice in a Magic Circle law firm. With a strong advisory, contractual and litigation background, she is at ease in both international and local matters. She works with clients in diverse sectors including general retail, e-commerce, creative industries, food and beverage, industrial components, FMCG, fashion, pharma and life sciences. She is an active member of different national and international professional associations and currently presides the Luxembourg chapter of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.

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ID0101806 Katia MANHAEVE.png

* KAMAN Sàrl, registered with the Luxembourg bar, RCS B177878


Claire DENOUAL, Counsel

Intellectual Property

& IT lawyer

IP strategy & contracts

IP litigation

• Data protection & privacy

• E-commerce, internet

• Advertising & Distribution

10y+ experience. Registered with the Luxembourg Bar, Claire started her career with a trademark attorney firm. Former senior associate of IP & TMT departments of Luxembourg reputable law firms, she joined /c law in 2017.  |   (+352) 28 80 90 60


Our difference

We do only what we are good at, with enthusiasm

Interesting matters, satisfied clients, happy lawyers!


Our blog

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