The premier Luxembourg IP & IT lawfirm 

We do IP, IT and data protection. Nothing else. 

 Today’s business requires reactivity, competence and most of all creativity and agility  

 To be an accessory to your success, your lawyer must combine these qualities  

 We have decided to create /c law to best help businesses in taking thoughtful decisions and managing legal risks 

 Unique value for money, expertise/legal fees ratio 

 6 experienced lawyers (4 partners, 2 associates)

 We do only what we are good at, with enthusiasm

 Local IP & IT advice and assistance 

 Quality relationship with local authorities/regulators 

 A strong network of reputable Luxembourg lawyers and experts in virtually any field 

 An efficient global network of respected IP & IT lawyers and best friend firms 

 Client-centric, pragmatic, business-friendly attitude 

 Availability, responsiveness 

 Out-of-the-box, creative solutions, tailored advice

 No idle words: concise, straight-to-the point advice 

 Transparent and reasonable approach to fees 

 65y+ of experience combined 

 Cyril’s unique combination of IT & legal experience  

 Claire’s versatility, experience of litigation & legal advice

 Elisabeth’s top notch litigator skills & academic knowledge 

 Raymond’s experience, vision & exceptional network

 /c serves 130+ organisations, including:

- 13 of Luxembourg’s top 60 employers

- 10+ local authorities, regulators and administrations

- startups, global groups, even international institutions

- not-for-profit organisations 

 Recognised by the market and peers 

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Partner, Luxembourg Bar

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Partner, Luxembourg/Paris Bars

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Elisabeth GUISSART

Partner, Luxembourg Bar

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Raymond FABER

Partner, Luxembourg Bar

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